Wasters’ Berlin Part 3: Manchester by the Spree

Das Wasteland founder Martyn Goodacre reflects on time spent at his favourite bar:

“When I first moved to Berlin the first thing I did was hunt out an establishment to quaff a few ales in good company. Membranes front man and punk aficionado John Robb pushed me in the right direction to Posh Teckel a small intimate pub half between Kreuzberg and Neukolln. It soon became my second home. Opened in 2014 by Judith Schmitt and Bernd Ehne with a vision to bring music lovers together after being inspired by the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester, Posh Teckel has become the bridge between Manchester and Berlin. where people appreciate and celebrate music and have long conversations about it.

The food is excellent as is their choice of beer whisky and fabulous wines. The Teckel has the smallest live music space in Berlin tucked neatly in the back where bands can play to at least 15 people! To top all of this they also host the best music quiz in town run by Dario

Adamic. A quiz master that loves his quiz so much that I have found myself joining a secret second quiz for the last people left drinking on the night. If you think you know a lot of music trivia, then I suggest you will be humbled by the regular teams’ knowledge. They even use buzzers!

The bar also hold public talks. I was lucky enough to catch the punk icon and as Derek Jarman described her ‘the first Sex Pistol’ Jordan Mooney in conversation with John Robb. And finally, it goes with out saying that the bar has a love for dachshunds. Chin Chin.”


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