Exclusive gatefold double LP on 140g vinyl. Released: August 2021. 

Das Wasteland Berlin: Vol 1&2

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  • Side A

    1. Rob Doyle & Saint Leonard: History’s Children
    2. Brian Destiny: Nothing’s going to come and save us
    3. Mustelide feat. Rapasa Otieno: Thum Nyatiti (Broken Orchestra Mix)

    Side B

    1. Saint Leonard: Always Night
    2. Drab City: Troubled Girl 
    3. Alanas Chosnau & Shark Vegas: I Can't Share This Feeling (Serious Mix)
    4. Bed Monsters: Wild, Wild, Wild Wedding

    Side C

    1. Art Brut: Good Morning Berlin
    2. Vagrant Lovers: Nexus
    3. Stony Sugarskull: House on Fire
    4. King Khan and John Burl Smith: Prayer for Equal Justice
    5. Tim Burgess: Doors of Then

    Side D

    1. Stolen: Why We Chose To Die In Berlin (Original Morning House Mix)
    2. Hello Pity: Kiss the Death
    3. Martyn Klang: Slipping Time
    4. The Berlin Diaries: the most fucked up staircase in berlin
    5. Otto Von Bismarck: Leichtes Spiel
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