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Out now on Double LP Gatefold vinyl



Eighteen cuts of audio-fried gold spread over two stygian platters, Das Wasteland Vol.1 & 2: Berlin is a sonic polaroid of musical culture in this most mysterious city -- captured as it is right now; a distillation of the global talent and mellifluous music genres cascading down the Straße day and night. 

The Das Wasteland team spent many an evening hunched over cigarettes and Spätburgunder curating, considering and reconsidering how best to present these songs. Ultimately, it's a testament to the talent of the artists and the spirit of the city how cohesively the collection turned out. Conceived and quickened into being as the world itself was changing; a strange, uneasy but transformative moment. Things could be worse, things could be better. It’s the 2020s and everything's on fire. It’s a new day in the city. We hope this sentiment, to some extent, is expressed amidst the grooves. -- Rob Doyle & Saint Leonard, April 2021

Wilde Zwanziger Klang: the sound of the roaring twenties...